April 2015 Class

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Class 5 -- make up class

Class 4 (of 5 -- a make up class next week)

Class 3

  1. Steve Morse is a man who has created super search engines for several oft used sites. Check him out at stevermorse.org, One Step Web Pages..
    The advantage to his search engines is that you can create much more flexible searches.
    1. I found Joseph Cerniglia's death using this ( #5 on the list) with the film number of the family history film that holds the death record.
      1. Can you find the database I searched?
      2. Do you know how to find and order the film from the Family History Library?
  2. Ancestry.com has a channel on YouTube with lots of help videos. You will notice a lot of videos on DNA testing, which Ancestry sells. Ancestry is not my first choice for DNA testing.
  3. Another You Tube video channel that you might find helpful is Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems. Here is an example using an interview and on Italian research. This link is to her website. Do you think this magazine compilation of articles on Italian research might be worth $10.00? You will get ideas and information from her interviews with experts.
  4. Flanagan project
  5. Pocahontas Native American ancestry project
  6. Waggoner Project
    1. Question: Does this research estableish that father of Abigail Waggoner, who married Daniel Waggoner, 7 Sept. 18 1859 in Perth Ontario, is Henry G.E. Johnson. See ancestry.com family tree Wagner Branch
      1. Proof Statement
    2. This project uses the Genealogical Proof Standard to establish a relationship.
    3. Tom Jones Inferential Genealogy

Class 2

  1. Del Pozzo project
  2. Links I promised from last week

Pocahantas Native American ancestors? Project The family has some stories of Native American ancestry, with joking references to Pocahontas. See how family legends get started! So Pocahontas is fun and I'm going to leave it on, but we'll take a different direction.

Flanagan Project (filling a gap in time)

Del Pozzo project (Digging into the country of origin)

Here are the links I said I would give you -- places to go to get information on what is available for places. Practice navigating these sites. If you have questions or problems, email me or bring them to class.

Family Search.org Wiki

FamilySearch.org: Catalog

Ancestry Redbook Wiki (U.S. Only) -- scroll down to find the state. Click topics from list on right.

Linkpendium (U.S. and Great Britain Only)

Cyndi’s List (Worldwide)

Class 1

Online Sites for research

Problem Solving : Start with what you know

Sellers problem example