Descendants of James Mackerwithey of Dedham, Mass.

Could there be a connection to the Carwithen Family of Boston and Long Island ?

I don't think that James Mackerwithey/ Mackarory of Dedham Massachusetts had any connection to the Carwithen /Carwithey family, but his lineage does get tangled up with that line and research is needed to sort it out and get someone's ancestor properly placed. What I have here is only the result of some very preliminary research; I have not done much with this family and present it here as an starting point for any interested researcher. You must read to the end to see the significance beyond the similarity of name.


From: Richard Curtice, Master Mariner: A genealogy of Richard Curtice of Salem, Massachusetts, and Southold, Long Island, whose Father appears to have been The Master Mariner" compiled by Harlow Dunham Curtis, Manlius, New York, Distributed by the Curtis Society of Stratford, Connecticut. 1945 pp. 1-. I present here only a brief genealogical abstract.

Richard Curtice married Sarah Carwithey, daughter of David Carwithey. ["This name is Welsh and originally Macarwythyn, became Carwithyn, then Carwethen, then Carwithy"]

Children, recorded Salem Mass, surname CURTICE: Caleb* b. 1646, Sarah b. 1650, Samuel b. 1651, Richard b. 1653, Hannah b. 1656, John b. 1688-d. 1659, John b. 1660-d. 1660, Mary b. 1662. The family removed to Southold Long Island. *"Caleb was named for Sarah's brother, Caleb Carwithey, who was a mariner and according to Harfield made voyages previous to 1654 between New Haven, Connecticut and Boston.".


From: The Pioneers of Massachusetts [reprinted on web in Ancestry.Com]. "

CORWITHEN, CARWITHEN, David, Salem, Marblehead, constable, 1644, juryman, 1658. Grace, [his wife?] adm. chh 18 94) 1643. He and his dau Curtis, with others, removing to Southold, L.I. had letters of dismission from the church granted 20 (6) 1665. "

"FARNHAM, FARNUM, FARMAN, John, joiner, Dorchester, 1638, frm. May 13, 1640, Rem. to Boston and bouth land about 1647. Town Officer, Wif: Elizabeth; son John d. 26(6) 1652. He m. 7 (2) 1654 Susanna, dau of Thomas Arnold of Watertown,; ch. John b. May, 1655; dau Elizabeth m. 6 (6) 1657, Joshu Carwithy; Joanna b. 3 (1) 1644 (m. 7 (1) 1657, James English); Jonathan b. 13 Nov. 1659; Hannah b. 9 (9) 1642, David b. Oct. 30, 1662, Elizabeth b. Nov. 11, 1667, Thomas b. Sept. 17, 1670."

ALCOCK, ALLCOCK... Mr. George, Roxbury, came with the first company, anno 1630 {E.} Frm. May 18, 1631; deputy, deacon. His first wife, a sister of Rev. Thomas Hooker, d. in 1635 [Du.] Wife, -- ch. John b. in Eng. about Jan. 1, 1626 (a celebrated physician); Samuel b. April 16, 1637 . He was bur. Dec. 30, 1640,. Will prob. 28 (11) 1640. Wife, sons John and Samuel, brother Thomas of Ded., Elizabeth Blandfield, Joseph Wise, Hohn Pokmpton, bros. Edward Porter, Chandler, Mr. Hooker, and Carwithy.
Thomas , Boston, memb. chh. 1630-31, dism. 8 (7) 1639 to Dedham. ....


From: Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers [reprinted on web in Ancestry.Com]

"Carwithen, Corwithen, Curwithin, Kerwithy, or Carwithey, Caleb, Huntington L.I. was rec as freem of Conn, 1664, DAVID,. Salem 1649 or rather 1644 , if Mr. Felt's refer in Ann. I 168 and 175 mean one person, whose w. Grace unit. with the ch. [1]643. Perhaps he is the same who m. at Boston, 22 Sept. 1660, wid. Frances Oldham, but with her former h. it is diffic. to make any acquint. DICKORY, Boston shipmaster d. 6 Sept. 1653, perhaps only trans. and may be the same as two yrs. bef. was here in big s.ment by Roger WIlliams in letters, 3 Mass Histo Colol IX 252-3 and by DAvenport in the very mo. preced. the coming in last voyage Ib. 295. JOSHUA, Boston mariner m. 6 Aug. 1657, Elis. d. of John Farnum, had Elis b. 6 June 1659. PHILIP, New London 1650, sold, in 1651 his new-built home and rem. "


From: Boston Vital Records 1630-1669 [on web in Ancestry.Com]

"David of David & Eliza. Carwithen b. Mar 8, 1687"- "David of David and Frances Carwithen b. April 27, 1666"-"David of David and Frances Carwithen b. June 1, 1661"- "David Carwithen and Frances Oldam widow were married 22 Sept.1660 by Richard Bellingham, Dep. Gov."-"Dickery Carwithen shipmaster died 6th--7th mo, 1663"-" Joshua Carwithy & ELizabeth Farham, daughter of John Farnam were married 6th -6th month 1657 by Major Humph. Atharton."-" Elizabeth of Joshua & ELizabeth Carwithy born 6th June , 1659."-


From: American Marriages Before 1699 [on web in Ancestry.Com] "

CARWITHEN, David and Frances Oldham (widow), 22 Sept. 1660, Boston, Mass. CARWITHY, Joshua and Elizabeth Farnam, 6 June 1657, Boston, Mass. "


From: New York City Wills, 1665-1707 [on web in Ancestry.Com]/ " DAVID CARWITHY, Southold.'Mr. Carwithy being visited by sickness, desires to set things in order, being weake in bodybut in perfect memory'. Leaves to son Caleb 'my best suit of clothes and a bed blanket', To daughter Martha a scythe and a Bible. To daughter Elizabeth Crowner 9 sterling. 'As for my son David I left him his protion when I came from him' but adds 20 shillings. Makes daughter Sarah Curtis sole executrix. Dated August 30, 1665, Witnesses John Conckling, Sr. Simon Grover, Jacob Conckling, Proved Nov. -- 1665. Sarah Curtis ' of Hanshamomack, neare Southold' is confirmed as executrix, and Quietus granded Oct. 5, 1666 by Gov. Nicoll. NOTE: This name after many changes, is now Corwith, and the family are numerous on Long Island]. "


From: "Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 Middlesex, Hampshire, Bershire and Bristol, Middlesex County" in Marriages-Massachusetts to 1800 [on web in Ancestry.Com] "John Gill & Mary Carwithy, both of Dedham, Dec. 31, 1686." (italics mine) They were married by Thomas Prentice, a J.P. of Middlesex Co., and the marriage is recorded there. I'm just guessing that it is the marriage of Mary2, daughter of James1 and Mary Everett, but I know of no Carwithys res. in Dedham and the time is right. Smith (Kempton genealogy) conjectures that it might have been an elopment, but that seems a stretch.


From: :" Department of Notes and Queries" Somerset County Historical Quarterly vol. Vp. 236 [reprinted on web in FamilyTree Maker's]

CRANMER--" ...William Cranmer came over from England and was at Southold, L. I. in 1640, and at Elizabethtown in 1665; wife Elizabeth Carwithy, whom he married at Southold. He owned at Elizabethtown various tracts amounting to 209 acres, and a town lot of six acres on which he lived. He d. in 1689. His sons were Thomas, William, Josiah and John. William settled at Barnegat, and John at Whippany, Morris Co. John a son of William, whose wife was Sarah Osborne, had sons Josiah, Nathan and William...... " (italics mine; a Sarah Osbourne or Osborne is often named as the possible wife of David Mackerwithey).


From: Howell's History of Long Island p. 226. Notes taken by hand from copy at Detroit Public Library.

These are my notes, as taken; italics mine and so placed because Chase, and all subsequent researchers, have assumed the David Mackerwithey of East Hampton to be the son of James Mackerwithey of Dedham and David Mackerwithey with sons David, James and John to New London Co. Ct., in contrast to what is given here.

Corwith Family. Bridgehampton/Southampton. poss. a French Huguenot, but name of Welsh origin. David1 Carwithy res. Southold, Long Island. will dated Aug 30, 1665, ch: Caleb2 who had dau Martha3, Elizabeth2 Cromer, David2, Sarah2 Curtis, then living Hashamomeck. 1643 David Carwithey constable, Marblehead, Mass. 1648 res. Marblehead -Corwithen, 1649 member of church at Salem. Caleb2 m. a dau of Wm. Ludlam and had dau Martha3, perhaps others. David2 of East of Bridge Hamptonb. in Boston 1661 had ch. David3, James3 and John3 all bapt. in E. H. in 1711 when David is called in the Church Records of East Hampton David Mackerwithey. John3 1682 is a carpenter living in Southampton and 1696 res. of Cape May Co. NJ. David3 b. ca. 1700 m. a sis of Dea. James Haines and livedin Rufus Rose's lane where he had a store. According to Miss Corwith of Bridgehampton, he had ch. Caleb4 and David4.... [line is then taken down from Caleb4.]