Dedham Bibliography: First Hundred Years

A bibliography of published and filmed records for the time period of about 1636-1736. The original town included Medfield (separated off in 1651), Wrentham (1673), Needham (1711), Walpole (1724), Dover (1784), Norwood (1872), and Westwood (1897). This bibliography does not include the genealogies done of the early families. For that, see my web page, Early Dedham Families

Churches of Dedham, Massachusetts: admissions, dismissions, adult baptisms, and proceedings under the half-way covenant, 1638-1844. Edited by Robert Brand Hanson; Bowie, MD; Heritage Books. 1990. I want to get a copy of this book.

Cooke, George Willis. A history of Clapboard Trees, or, Third Parish, Dedham Mass: now the Unitarian Parish, West Dedham., 1736-1886. Boston. G.H. Ellis, 1887. This is in Genealogy & Local History LH 5045.

Dedham Historical Society, Dedham, Mass. A plan of Dedham village, Mass., 1636-1876. With descriptions of the frants of lots to the original owners, transcribed from the town records; the plan showing ...the original grants with relation to the present village. Dedham, Mass. The Dedham Historical Socety, 1883. [Is there a copy with a map?]

Dedham (Massachussets). Town Clerk. Births, intentions, marriages, deaths, 1635-1853. Waltham, Mass. Graphic Microfilm of N.E., Inc. 1962. Microfilm of manuscript at Dedham Town Hall in Massachusetts. Held by LDS, film no. 593353

Dedham (Massachusetts). Town Clerk. Dedham land and miscellaneous records, 1636-1961. Waltham, Mass: Graphic, Microfilm of New England, 1962. Microreproduction of ms. and typescript. Held by LDS Library; those pre -1736 records follows:
Index to records, vols. 1-14, 1636-1875, Records extracts 1636-1836 and Records, land grands vols 1-3, 1636-1719, all on film 0593346
Records and land grants vols. 4-9, 1659-1795 on film 0593347
Land grants, land grants index, 1644-1720 on film 0593352.

Dedham (Massachusetts). Town Clerk. Town records, 1636-1813. Graphic Microfilm of New England, 19--. Contains proceedings of town meetings, selectmen's records, proprietors' records, records of taxation, other town records. Held by the LDS Library, Town and proprietors records 1647-1813 on film 0968024 items 2-4 and Town records, 1707-1773 on 0968025. I think these may be records not published.

Dedham Transcript, Dedham, Mass. The Dedham Transcript tercentenary edition, 1636-- September --1936; (a story in pictures of old and new Dedham. Dedham, Mass; Transcript Press. Sept. 18, 19, 20. 1936.

First Church (Dedham Mass.) The Deacon's book: records of the First Church, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1677-1737, edited by Robert Brand Hanson. Bowie, MD, Heritage Books. 1990. I have a copy of this.

Hanson, Robert Brand. Dedham Massachusetts, 1635-1890. Dedham, Mass. Dedham Historical Society, 1976.

Hansen, Robert Brand. Vital records of Dedham, Massachusetts 1635-1845, revised and expanded edition. Camden, Maine, Picton Press, 1997. [I have a copy]. This is a compilation of records, put in alphabetical order and an extremely convenient aid to working with the original records and transcripts, that are in chronological order. I have a copy. (Originally published by Heritage Press in 1989, 3 volumes. )

Hill, Don Gleason. The record of baptisms, marriages and deaths and admissions to the church and dismissals there from, transcribed from the church records in the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1638-1845; also all the eptiaphs in the ancient burial place in Dedham, together with the other inscriptions before 1845 in three parish cemeteries. Dedham, Mass, Printed at the office of The Dedham Transcript. 1888. (It looks like NEHGS did a 1996 reprint of this and/or you can get a reprint from Higgenson Books. There also appears to be a microfiche copy put out 199? by Ancestor Publishers, Arvada, CO. anbd a copy in Genealogy & Local History, PS 53/257(vol. 2) ) This is vol. 1-2 of Hill. The Early records of the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, 6 volumes.

Hill. The early records of the town of Dedham, Massachusetts. Dedham, Mass: Dedham Transcript Press, 1886-1936. Vol. 1-2, see above. Vol. 3 The Early Record of the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1638-1659 ( includes the Selectman's book, which is also filmed separately at LDS Library, Film 0968024 ) vol. 4 ...1659-1673, vol. 5 ... 1672-1706, and vol. 6 1706-1736. Several libraries own this, also held by the LDS Library Film no. 0874254 item 3-0874256 item 1-2 and in Genealogy & Local History PS258-? I think there may also be a run of the microfilm set Massachusetts county histories.

Lockridge, Kenneth A. A New England town: the first hundred years: Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1736; with a new afterward and an updated bibliography. Expanded edition, New York. Norton, 1985. I have a copy. Mr. This is almost certainly a copy or expansion of his thesis done at Princeton Univeristy, 1966. That has been filmed by UMI (now something else). U Mich Film no. 8773. I have to look at the film to see how it compares to the published book.

Smith, Frank. A history of Dedham, Massachusetts. Dedham, Mass. The Transcript Press, Inc. 1936. I have photocopies of excerpts, esp. those that relate to the early years.


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