Researching Your British Isles Ancestors

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Books, articles, CD's, Tapes etc. Covering one or more of the countries listed below. See also individial pages for each country.
England * Ireland * Scotland * Wales
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England * Ireland * Scotland * Wales


There are five major commercial
genealogical magazines published in the UK

Family Tree Magazine
Practical Family History
Your Family Tree
Family History Monthly
Ancestors (TNA journal)

British Isles Gen Web
-- England Gen Web
-- Ireland Gen Web
-- NorthernIreland Gen Web
-- Scotland Gen Web
-- Wales Gen Web

-British Isles Family History Society: .USA
--Irish Potato Famine

1901 Census for England and Wales online -- search for free; a fee for viewing and transcriptions. One frustrating feature is that a search by surname only will not display results if there are too many.

Gazetteer of British place names ($)