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Search Books

Originally a microfiche set "Genealogy & Local History" -- here is a list of books included in that set. I think you will find most, if not all, in the "Books" section of Heritage Quest online.

Searching books is tricky...

Here is the way to search for a name within a single book or a number of books on the same subject

I want to find information about WITHEY families in Bradford County Pennsylvania.

  1. Under SEARCH ALL BOOKS choose PUBLICATIONS: Browse all titles...
  2. Then click For advanced publications searching, go to Search Publications
  3. Put the name (or word) that you want to search in the keyword box. For this practice test, use the name WITHEY
  4. If you want to search only one title, put that title in the title box and hit search. Otherwise leave it empty and proceed. For this practice test, leave it empty.
  5. Go to "Subject" and hit the browse arrow.
  6. Type BRADFORD into the jump box and hit the arrow to jump to Bradford.
  7. Check the boxes for the two subjects that include Bradford County Pennsylvania.
    1. Leave the OR box checked. (If you check and you will find Withey's only in books for which the description has both subject headings. )
  8. Click OK
  9. Your box is now filled out with both subjects and the search term is in the keyword box.
  10. Hit search to find any mention of WITHEY in a book about Bradford County Pennsylvania.

Viewing results... also a little tricky when you are viewing hits in books.

Search PERSI

You use it to find an article about methodology, records of a certain area or articles on a family. Once you identify the article, you can order it from Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne (for a fee) or wait until you next go to the library to find it and read or copy it there.

You can search PERSI for PEOPLE, PLACES, HOW To and find what publications are indexed.




These are articles that help you solve a specific problem or learn more about a record type.


Search Revolutionary War

This indexes the Revolutionary War Records and provides a digital copy of selected records from the original application. '

Search Freedman's Bank

Freedman's Bank records can be invaluable if you are trying to trace a black family in the period immediately following the Civil War; "Read more about Freedman's Bank records" top right corner. Also, the Family History Library Wiki has a good overview of the Freedman's Bank records and their value to the genealogical researcher.



Search U.S. Serial Set

Read more about U.S. Serial Set, top right corner for more information. See also "Using the Congressional Serial Set for Genealogical Research" and "Public Lands and Claims in the American State Papers" both published in Prologue Magazine.




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