Kinship and Relationships

Aunts, uncles, cousins... great, grand... first, second, third... removed, twice removed... how do you figure it all out?

And when is a brother not a real brother, a cousin not a real cousin?

In-laws, halves and steps.. how do they fit in?

It can be confusing, but take heart... it's all explained.



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Believe it or not, there is a whole book devoted to this subject: Kinship, it's all relative, by Jackie Arnold.

Dozens of Cousins explains relationships.. and more.

Many of us have marrying cousins somewhere in our lineage. Marriages between kin... whether affinal (by affinity) or consanguineous (by blood) ... are often prohibited by law, but not consistently so. Forbidden Relatives looks at the laws in general, and more closely at the laws prohibiting marriage between first cousins.

* Rootsweb offers a relationship chart that might be helpful. Dennis Radisich posted a simpler relationship chart on his genealogy pages.
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