Researching Your New Hampshire Ancestors

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There is nothing more helpful that a handy reference book with information specific to the area you are researching. I've listed below those that I know about.

(find in a library) will give you a link to help you find the book in the library closest to you. Most will show libraries near Ann Arbor... to change the location, type in your zip code and you can find libraries near you.

All of the three books listed below have a small section covering each state that includes maps, historical information, vital records coverage and a bibliography of resources for that state.

  1. Handybook for Genealogists ( 11th edition) (find in a library) (note: some libraries may have earleir editions; those are perfectly usable)
  2. Ancestry's Redbook (you'll want the 3rd edition) (find in a library)
  3. The Family Tree Resource Book for Genealogical Research (find in a library)

Here are some books specific to New Hampshire research:

* FHLNew Hampshire Research Outline
* New Hampshire Gen Web
* ALHN New Hampshire page
* New Hampshire State Library -- History and Genealogy Page; see also their library catalogs.
* New Hampshire Division of Archives and Records Management
* Genealogical Material in the University of New Hampshire Library
* New Hampshire Historical Society (Library -- click to see description of both print and manuscript collections)
* New Hampshire Society of Genealogists
* New Hampshire Genealogy Society Directory
* New Hampshire Newspaper Project
* New Hampshire Vital Records (official)
* Vitalrec Kansas Page
* Index to Genealogies in New Hampshire Town Histories
More links:
* Genealogy Today's State Gen Site: New Hampshire
* Ancestors New Hampshire Resource Guide
* Genealink's Kansas Page
* Access Genealogy's List of Kansas Links
* New Hampshire Resources at RootsWeb
* Cyndi's List New Hampshire Page