October 2015 Class Outline

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Last updated November 4, 2015

Class 1A:

Class 1B: How to use FamilySearch.org (Free on the internet)

Class 2A:

Work some more with FamilySearch.org

  1. Did everyone register?
    1. Did you write your username and password down so you can remember it?
  2. Searching for Anton King. (Start with what you know.)
    1. He was in the hh of Peter Bright in 1860 in Iowa
    2. According to this census he was age 45, born Germany.
  3. If you have someone you want to search, let's see what we can find.

Heritage Quest (Free through Michigan Libraries/MEL)

Class 2B:

--------------After class 2 / Before class 3 -----------------------

Class 3B:

-------------After class 3 / before class 4 ----------------------

SEE NOTES ABOVE ON CLASS 3B. We didn't cover that last time.

Remember to play with the big three.... FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com Library Edition and Heritage Quest (through your library or Mel.org for Michigan residents) All are free.

How to research the adoption of someone who was adopted in Nebraska in 1930.

Cemetery Research

Class 4A:

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor

Class 4B

-------------After class 4 ----------------------

First -- note that I filled in the links for the section on nearby Libraries & Archives above (class 4B)

One question I had in class that I forgot to mention to all.

If you see "Do" in a census record, what does it mean? Ditto. Keeps the census taker from having to write the same thing over and over. Sometimes the use the quotation markes to indicate the same " ".

NEXT I will update info on PERSI -- in the meantime, play with it at Heritage Quest.

Get to Heritage Quest through your public library website or go to http://www.mel.org / Select databases/ scroll down and select HeritageQuest Online. This is available from home.

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