Origins and Possible Family Connections of James Mackerwithey / Macarory of Dedham, Mass.

James Mackerwithey/ Mackarorey first appears in the records of Dedham, Massachusetts on a list recorded the 11th day 12 month 1660 which fixes his tax rate at 11 pence "for the schoole and for defraying other charges in the towne...". His name continues to appear on subsequent rate lists. At a meeting held the 1st day of the 10th month, 1662, he, along with several others was presented with a bill for being "deffectiue in there highway worke this prsent yeare 1662". James Macarory and Mary Euritt were married at Dedhan 9th month 1662. On the 26th day of the 10th month 1665 "James Mackrorey coming and desireing the grant of 5 acres of vpland vpon the gift of his father in lawe Richare Euered."

There is no known mention of James Mackerwithey /Mackarorey in any earlier records; from where did he come? Over time a few researchers have offered various theories, but the one that most researchers accepted as probably accurate was that he was from Scotland, banished to America on a prison ship as a result in his capture by Cromwellian forces at the battle of Worcester in 1651. A recent discovery in the newsletter of a family descended from one of his granddaughters confirmed this, but I list below the various theories offered, with comments on each, because researchers will inevitably come across some of the families involved in these conjectures, and it may be helpful to have some background.

Here are discussions of the various theories.

Prisoner, transported on the Sarah and John, Nov. 1661-- NOW PROVEN !

The conjecture of Ada Chase
DISPROVEN The Ada Chase article (see bibliography) suggests that he might have been connected to a Withie family that arrived in Boston in __ , but the Withey surname did not come into use until the famly had been in America for a few generations and the Boston family was from England.

 Related to David Carwithey/Carwithen of Boston Mass -- UNLIKELY, BUT POSSIBLE. If the name is Welsh, as some Carwithen/Carwitehy researchers claim, then there certainly is no connection between the two families.

 Related to the Wyeth family of Cambridge Mass.--DISPROVEN. The Wyeth family was from England. See Michael Roman's summary of the origins of the Wyeth family.

 Related to Markweth
of New Jersey--POSSIBLE (I've not researched this)

 Related to George Wythe, signer of the Declaration of Independence--NOT THE CASE! Sorry... I know this contradicts some family information that has been passed along. Again, this family had English origins.