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Software to Help You with Your Genealogy Research

This page covers offline software, not online family trees, with one exception: programs are now coming out that will sync with online family trees, allowing you to maintain a tree both online and offline.

Software will be specific to Windows or Mac.

Rhonda McClure. Choosing a Genealogical Software Program quick YouTube video overview of several programs, both Mac and Windows. Very nicely presented.(2016) About 45 minutes.

  • Top 10 Reviews: Genealogy Software scores and compares a few programs. This Includes individual reviews of each program.
    (For what it is worth, I agree with their top picks: Legacy Family Tree for Windows and FTM 2017 for Mac, but that speaks only to my specific needs. You must decide what best meets your needs.)

  • 5 Best Genealogy Programs in 2017, includes reviews of each program.

  • GenSoft Reviews, reviews by users.

Visit the websites to get information about features of each.

  • Some offer a free trial period and others offer a basic version (free) and a paid upgrade to add features. This will allow you to work with the software to see if you like it.
  • Some software will search other online databases, e.g. Family Search, Ancestry, My Heritage et. al. A few offer the ability to sync your offline database with an online one on Ancestry or My Heritage.
  • Many sites also offers tutorials on how to use the product.
  • To find reviews of software google the name of the software plus reviews, e.g. Roots Magic Reviews.
    • in the case of Reunion, google Reunion reviews genealogy
    • Be sure any reviews are of current or recent versions of the software.

  • Ancestral Quest 15 (PC & Mac)
  • Family Tree Builder (PC & Mac)
  • Family Historian 6 (PC only)
  • Family Tree Builder (PC & Mac)
  • Family Tree Heritage 15 (PC & Mac)
  • Family Tree Maker 2017 (PC & Mac)
  • Heridis 2017 (Mac only)
  • iFamily (Mac only)
  • Legacy Family Tree 9 (PC only)
  • MacFamily Tree: (Mac only)
  • Reunion 12: (Mac only)
  • RootsMagic 7 (PC only)