Your Guide to Blogs and Blogging
for the Genealogist

Blogs serve a variety of purposes... through blogs you can stay current on news and events of interest to the genealogist. Some blogs share experiences, others share knowledge. Think of them as your daily genealogy newspaper. The question is... how many blogs should you subscribe to? And which ones? There are hundreds of them about genealogy alone.

By the way, subscribing to a blog doesn't cost money. With one exception, they are free. A subscription brings them to your computer door.

And of course.... you may want to become a blogger too.

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To get a feel for genealogy oriented blogs, take a look at these examples...

  • Here is mine--Genealogy Etc. I am not a very frequent blogger, so it would be like your newspaper coming out once or twice a year! Plus I only talk about whatever interests me at the moment, so you wouldn't get much news. All in all, I'm a bad blogger. There are hundreds of us out there!
  • On the other hand, Genealolgy Blog, is a daily blog, filled with news, views and other information. Notice that on the right column, towards the bottom of the page, is a list of categories. He tags his blogs so you can find them by category. For example, if you click on ALABAMA, you will get these blogs. This is a well done blog.
  • has a Genealogy Blog by Kimberly Powell that is very good, although the ads can be distracting.
  • "Dear Myrtle" has been dispensing news and advice on the internet for years. Now she does it in a blog.
  • The Ancestry Insider describes itself as "The unofficial, unauthorized view of and" If you subscribe to it, you can be in-the-know on what's happening with these two very impotant elements of online genealogy.
  • Elizabeth Crowe is my favorite how-to book author, so of course I subscribe to her blog, Crowe's Nest.
  • For an entertaining blog, read The Genealogue... which advertises "genealogy news you can't possibly use." Like a lot of blogs, this one is filled with links to news stories and other blogs.
  • Joe Beine's Genealogy Roots blog is " for finding online genealogy databases, records and resources." It doesn't come out as often, but when it does, it contains great information.
  • And the grand-daddy of genealogy blogs, Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. This blog comes out daily, is full of news and other information. Like all blogs, it is free to subscribe to it, but there is also a paid portion called the "Plus Edition". A plus mark before a post indicates that you won't be able to read the whole unless you are a "Plus Edition" subscriber.

How to Find Genealogy Blogs

How to Subscribe to blogs

Instead of subscribing, you can use Alltop's All the Top Genealogy Blogs. Book mark this page and go it as often as you like to find the newest entries for some of the more well known genealogy blogs.

YouTube Videos

Once you are set up to subscribe to blogs you can also subcribe to YouTube Video's. To find genealogy video's on YouTube, use the search box to search the word genealogy or "family history". Once you have found a video that covers genealogy, you can find all uploads by the person who posted it and subscribe to his or her uploads. Here are some that I subscribe to: (note: for some of these, there will be more than one page of videos...look for a page 2 button at the bottom)

How to create your own blog

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