Genealogy Research Guides:
3 tracks--Locality, The Records, Reseach Advice

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Topics are in alphabetical order within three groups: Locality, The Records, Research Advice

Locality : State Guides
See Guides to foreign jurisdictions below
The Records: learn how to find and use the many resources available to the reseracher
Research Advice: tips and tools that will
help you be a better research






Guides to Research in Foreign Countries

Canada: Ontario * Quebec *

East Asia: Japan, China, Korea, VietNam , Phillipines

South Pacific : Australia* New Zealand

Great Britain (general) * England, * Scotland * Wales * Ireland

Europe (not Great Britain) Austria * Belgium * France * Germany * Hungary * Italy * Malta * Netherlands * Poland * Spain

Nordic/Scandinavian Countries (general): * Norway * Sweden * Denmark * Finland * Iceland * Greenland *

Central America and Mexico

South America

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