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Your Guide to Researching Irish Ancestors


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Guides to Researching Irish Ancestors


On the Web:

  • FamilySearch Wiki: Ireland for an overview of background and many types of records.
  • 2 comprehensive sites point you to both information and resources.
      • Fianna: Guide to Irish Genealogy offers over 500 web pages of aids and guides to Irish genealogy. With so much to view, you might want to view the site map, which is offered both in outline format and table format. Note that the site map iteself takes 5 pages!
      • GENUKI: Ireland Before clicking on a specific county, scroll down to see links to pages about Ireland. The GENUKI site is so well known and so comprehensive that there is even a Wikpedial article that explains GENUKI.



On the web

Names and Genealogies

Libraries, Archives & Genealogy Societies

Records & Resources

Search the LDS Catalog to find out what resources are available for Ireland . -- remember to check for national records, county records and town or village records.

During the Irish Civil War in 1922 many -- but by no means all-- records were destroyed in a fire at the PRO (Public Records Office).



Emigration & Immigration


  • You will want to search the Database for Irish Immigrants Published in the Boston Pilot., which covers queries to a "Missing Friends" column that ran between the years 1831 and October, 1921. (This database does not include all years; check the dropdown to see which years have been indexed.) The full database of all years can be searched at the $ New England Historic Genealogical Society's website. $ People from all over the U.S. sent queries in the hopes of locating missing relatives and friends.
  • Coverage is spotty, but any "find" in these transcribed newspaper notices at Ireland Old News will be appreciated.
  • The Belfast Newsletter Index 1737-1800 is a searchable, online database of information from this old Irish newspaper. Before searching this database, you will want to take the time to read their tips on undertstanding the data contained there.


  • Wills proved prior to 1900 were lost in the 1922 fire at the PRO.

Vital Records

  • Civil Registration established 1864 (1845 for non Catholic marriages); learn more at Ireland Vital Records-- Civil Registration (note: however her link to Northern Ireland Vital Records information is bad and I can't find the intended source).
    • Civil Registrations Indexes can be searched at (excludes the post 1921 records of the 6 counties that make up Northern Ireland)
    • Search for free/pay for copy at Irish Family History Foundation Roots Ireland (you must register to search for free; purchase credits to view expanded information )
    • You can order the official document at Irish Certificates, but you must know specific required information to place an order.
    • Irish Civil Records
  • Church Registers
    • Many have been filmed and are indexed and can be searched in the IGI.
      • before searching, select region "British Isles" and country "Ireland"
    • You can access IGI batch numbers for Ireland at Ireland IGI Batch numbers. Why would you want to do that? It allows you to search by surname only within a specific record. (more information)
    • Search for free/pay for copy at Irish Family History Foundation Roots Ireland (you must register to search for free; purchase credits to view documents )

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