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The first genealogy of this family is a mss written in 1850 and supplemented in 1888 by the descendants of Zachariah Withee. A copy (the only copy?) is at the New England Genealogical and Historical Society. I've not yet seen it, although I believe it was the basis of some family history informaiton published in a town history, and I have seen that (but can not place it off the top of my head). At any rate, when I go to Boston, this is definitely on my "to do" list.

The seminal published study of this family is titled "The Macwithey Family of Preston Connecticut". It was done by Ada Chase, of Norwich Connecticut, and published in The American Genealogist vol. 19 no. 3 (Jan. 1943) at pp. 141-150. I strongly recommend that anyone studying this family get a copy of this article; most major genealogy libraries have this periodical, or a library can get a photocopy on interlibrary loan. This article is extremely important in that it connected the families of James Mackerwithey of Dedham, Mass with that of Daved Macwithey of Preston, Connecticut.

I have a softbound copy of a mimeo genealogy titled Withey-Grover-Geere-Bartlett Families written by Nellie Allen Bartlett and dated 1931. A copy of this, or perhaps an earlier (1924) version is at the New England Genealogical and Historical Society Library. This is at best a garbled genealogy, but it does contain some important clues on one branch of the family.

October, 1950 Gerald Parsons, a professional genealogist, published an article on the line of Nathan McQuivey in The American Genealogist, vol. 26 pp. 195-199. He published follow up articles in vol. 31 p. 176, then a longer one in vol. 34 pp. 183-192.

Then sometime in the seventies a gentleman by the name of Vallie R. Weethee started collecting extensive data on the family. In 1977 he privately published a softbound book Weethee Withee Withey Withe Wythe Research and Genealogy. In 1979 and 1983 he issued important supplements to his book. I have seen the book in several libraries, but not the supplement. I have copies of all three. The book has been transcribed on the web. Click here to go to the transcription. The site it is on contains a substantial amount of information on this family. It is named and maintained by family member Ken Withey. I corresponded with Mr. Weethee for some time, and must take a moment to honor him as one of the nicest people I've met. He shared information willingly and was always thrilled to get new data. I always enjoyed a letter from him.

Also in 1977 Gerald Parson deposited a typescript in the Onondaga Countyh Public Library, where I believe he worked as a librarian. It was titled Manuscript Notes on the Mackerwithy Family. I think that Mr. Parsons and Mr. Weethee worked together, or perhaps Mr. Weethee engaged the services of Mr. Parsons to do some of his research. I have also corresponded with Mr. Parsons and can say only kind words about him too.

In 1987 Fae Tarrant published a book titled A Withee Genealogy. Her information on the early lines appears to have been taken from the research previously mentioned. A copy is at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City.

Both the Weethee book and that by Tarrant have been entered in McQuivey.Org, an online gedcom file of the descendants of James Mackerwithey. This file also includes data submitted by several family members and is a very valuable tool for anyone researching this family.

Now a word about myself and what information I have. I've not yet published, but I hope to do so soon, mainly to get this monkey off my back ! I've been researching this family for almost a quarter of a century and have finally realized that there simply is no ending point at which it is time to publish. There is always more information to gather and add and I know that whatever I put out will be imperfect and incomplete. However I think I have a substantial amount of information that will help other researchers, and my plan is to print it out, bind some copies and donate them to libraries, including, of course, the LDS Library, without which I could not have compiled anywhere near as much as I have. I am always willing to share, but I have much more to do than time to do it, so sometimes I promise a response and don't send one, or send something brief, intending to send more, then forget to do so. For that reason I am going to put information on my web page, so it will be more readily available to all researchers. However I am doing it over time, so you will have to bookmark me and just keep coming back to see what I've added. Please e-mail if you have information or need more.

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