Your Guide to Discovering Your Ancestors In Photographs
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Frisch-Ripley. Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs. (find in a library)
Moorshead. Dating Old Photographs (find in a library)
Mooreshead. More Dating Old Photographs (find in a library)
Taylor. Preserving Your Family Photographs (find in a library)
Taylor. Uncovering Your Ancestry through Family Photographs. (find in a library) (review)

Moorshead "When was it taken?" Family Chronicle. December 2006 17-20

aricles online
-- A Quick Guide to Dating Photographs
-- Dating Early Photographs
-- Dating 19th Century Photographs
-- Restoring Your Old Photographs
-- Dating Old Photographs
-- Identifying Family Photographs

The Costume Detective. How to Date Old Photographs by the Costume. This site contains several articles and examples; a very helpful resource.

Sites that collect photos with these common features: you can download the photos for non-commercial use ( windows: right click and save Mac: ------------)

Dead Fred Genealogy Photo Archive.

Ancient Faces -- has pictures as well as other research data.

Photoarchive from ancestor genealogy has photographs of places and events,as well as people.

To find random photo's, Google images for the surname and/or other information likely to narrow the search down. Remember: the word search finds words on the page; it's not limited to the picture caption. If the surname is a common one -- or worse, is also an every day word, such as "flower" you will have to think of ways to find relevant results. Try to combine the surname with the word genealogy or "family history" or ancestor or try using place names to narrow the results

Photo Restoration Tips

Scantips. Restoration of Genealogy Photos

More Links

Cyndi's List
Geneasearch: Genealogy Photos
The Costumer's Manifesto: Links for Dating Old Family Photographs

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The Photo Detective (Maureen Taylor)


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