Washtenaw County Courthose

Your Guide to Finding Washtenaw
County Michigan Ancestors

  • 1822 boundaries established; taken from Wayne, Oakland
  • 1823/24 first settlements
  • 1827 Jan 1 county established
  • birth and death records 1867+
  • marriage records 1833+
  • probate 1827+
  • land 1835+
  • Wikipedia provides current information on the various townships, villages and cities in Washtenaw Co


*archives and libraries * atlases & maps * cemetery records * census * church *
* city directories * families * Washtenaw County sites *
* genealogy and historical societies *local histories *
* land records **newspapers * probate records * vital records *

Archives and Libraries

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Atlases and Maps

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County Sites

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The GSWC Webpage is very well done and gives a lot of information about the Washtenaw Co. research as well as links and advice for research beyond Washtenaw County.

The US GenWeb page for Washtenaw County is very well maintained; both pages contain a lot of valuable information; I encourage researchers with Washtenaw County ancestors to visit both. If you have information to contribute, please take the time to do so.


If you want Washtenaw County research done for you at a fee, contact me at barbsnow@comcast.net. The GSWC offers a research service for a donation of $10.00. The $10.00 is used to buy books for the GSWC library. As librarian for the society, I buy books and CDs that will help people with their research methodology, as well as provide source information for Washtenaw Coutny and Michigan ancestor. Our library is located in the Ann Arbor LDS Library, so it is available to a large number of researchers. Your donation will help us add material that will in turn help others. This is what I love about genealogy. My grandmother used to say "what goes around, comes around." And how true this is -- and in such a good way -- with genealogical research. For $10.00 you will get basic, but good research on one surname. It is important that you tell me what you already know, so we do not spend time finding out information that is already in your files!

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