Your Guide to Finding Wyoming Ancestors

Start with some understanding of the historical background and jurisdictional subdivsions of Wyoming

Wikipedia: Wyoming will give you a nice bacground.

See also Wikipedia's list of Counties in Wyoming and as you start to research a given county, use that to find the Wikipedia page that will give you background for each county.

And bookmark or print out the FHL Historical Background for Wyoming

Books, articles, CD's, Tapes etc.
On the Web.

There is nothing more helpful that a handy reference book with information specific to the area you are researching. I've listed below those that I know about.

(find in a library) will give you a link to help you find the book in the library closest to you. Most will show libraries near Ann Arbor... to change the location, type in your zip code and you can find libraries near you.

All of the three books listed below have a small section covering each state that includes maps, historical information, vital records coverage and a bibliography of resources for that state.

  1. Handybook for Genealogists ( 11th edition) (find in a library) (note: some libraries may have earleir editions; those are perfectly usable)
  2. Ancestry's Redbook (you'll want the 3rd edition) (find in a library)
  3. The Family Tree Resource Book for Genealogical Research (find in a library)

Here are some materials specific to Wyomingresearch:

Spiros. Genealogical Guide to Wyoming (out of print)
Donahuse. Guide to the County Archives of Wyoming (out of print)


Audio-tapes of lectured given at genealogy conferences with the word Wyoming in the title.



First, bookmark or print out the FHL Wyoming Research Outline

Use the catalog at the FHL to find out what has been filmed covering the state Wyoming ; Click View Related Places in the upper right to find sources that have been filmed for the county you are researching and once there click View Related Places in the upper right to find sources that have been filmed for the township or city. You will want to check for resources in all three jurisdictions, although most people check the county holdings first, township next and state last.

Print out or bookmark this map of Wyoming Counties.
The Wyoming State Archives offers a collection of historical maps online.

See what's available at the Wyoming Gen Web , the ALHN Wyoming page (a second ALHN page covers Wyoming History ) and the AHGP Wyoming page.

Visit the websites of these libraries , archives and societies:

Wyoming State Library

Wyoming State Archives. This site has an online database of microfilmed material that they will sell or lend on interlibrary loan.

Wyoming State Historical Society

Wyoming is included in the coverage of the NARA Rocky Mountain Region.

To find local genealogy societies, see the Wyoming Genealogy Society Directory


Find out about newspapers at the website of the Wyoming Newspaper Project . The Wyoming State Archives Newspaper Inventory lists those newspapers available through the Archives.

Microfilmed newspapers can be borrowed on interlibrary loan from the Wisconsin State Archives.

You might some obituaries online.

Cemeteries Wyoming Cemeteries


The 1880 census can be searched for free at Find other online census records and more census information at's Wyoming links.

Vital Records

To get information about vital records, check the Wyoming Vital Records (official page) or the Vitalrec Wyoming Page

Note that death, marriage and divorce records over 50 years old can be ordered from the Wyoming State Archives.


Finally, check out Wyoming Black Sheep Ancestors

Get Help

Leave a query on a Wisconsin county message board or see if one of the volunteers at Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness: Wisconsin can help you.

Now look for more helpful Wisconsin links:

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* Genealogy Today's State Gen Site: Wyoming
Rootsweb: U.S. Resources: Wyoming
* Genealink's Wyoming Page
* Access Genealogy's List of Wyoming Links
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* Linkpendium's Wyoming Page

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