Your Guide to Researching
Cemetery & Funeral Home Records

  • Can you visit the cemetery?
  • If not, can you find a transcription that has been published?
  • Is it published in alphabetical order? (People weren't buried in alphabetical order!)
  • Can you find the record on the web? With a picture?
  • Do you understand everything about the cemetery record you found? Sure you didn't overlook details that might be helpful?


Read some guides to researching cemetery records:

There is even a whole book on the topic:

Locating a Cemetery -- what cemeteries exist, where are they?

Published Transcriptions

Transcripts may be of tombstone readings, sexton's records, a combination of the two; it may also include information from other records.

Cemetery Records Online

Visiting the Cemetery

Graveyard Associatons

Funeral Homes

More Links

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Links to Resources on Cemetery History and Preservation


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