EARLY DEDHAM FAMILIES: a quick and dirty look at the earliest familes done by Barbara Snow, Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is just a very preliminary look at some of the early families of Dedham. I approached it by looking at the births of children in Dedham as transcribed by Don Hill, in vol 1 of the Town records, starting with the earliest recorded birth (Mary Dwight) in 1634. I then consulted the excellent compilation by Robert Brand Hanson to get further information about the families. I did not necessarily extract all the information from Hanson, so don't assume that everything that is here represents the information in that book. Then I surfed the web for any easily obtained information and I did a search to find any genealogies about these Dedham families. So this is only a start, but I thought it might be helpful to others. If you have information to add, or corrections, or want clarification of something on the page, e-mail me at barbsnow@mediaone.net. For a bibliography of general sources on early Dedham, see my page Dedham Bibligoraphy. Click on the surname below to take you to the name you want to pursue

Adams Alcock Allen Balden Barstow/Bearstow Chickering Dwight Everett Fray Gay Hubbard Kingsbury Morse Richards Roper Smith Wheelock


The first birth recorded in Dedham records is that of Mary, the daughter of John and Hana Dwight, born 25 5th mo 1635. The birth of their daughter Sarah is recorded 17th of the 4th mo 1638. No record of other children born to this couple exists in the Dedham records and the marriage of neither daughter is recorded there. However Dedham records do show the deaths of Hannah Dwight, 9/5/1656 and more than one John Dwight, any of whom might be the John of this record. This family is covered in a published genealogy: The History and Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Mass. by Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight, published NY, John F. Trow & Son. 1874 (2 vols). A microfiche copy can be found on Genealogy and Local History G960. (14 fiche) . According to this genealogy, John and Hannah Dwight removed from England with children Hannah, Timothy and John; Mary and Sarah, born in Dedham, were their last two children. Dedham records show the following early marriages for the name Timothy Dwight. Timothy Dwight m. 11/11/1651 Sarah Pennan, a Timothy Dwight m. 5/3/1653 Sarah Powell and a Timothy Dwight m. 1/9/1664/65 Anna Flint.

Robert Hanson was kind enough to send some supplementary information on my summation. Here is what he wrote; this will be very important to anyone doing research on this family, especially so the last sentence!

"Mary Dwight was not born in Dedham. The 1635 birth entry in the Dedham records is an interpolation made sometime after 1638, when the records
were begun. There was no "Dedham" or Dedham company in 1635. See the iintroduction to my book.There were two Timothy Dwights - a son and a brother of John Dwight, the emigrant (who, by the way, was the John who died in 1661). Timothy the son had six (6) wives. The 1874 Dwight genalogy has many problems."

The second birth recorded is that of John, son of John and Joana Balden, 24th 4th month 1635. John Balden was baptized 8/8/1639 as the son of sister Gay, by her first husband. Hanson indicates the name is also Ballducke, but I found no other record in Dedham records for this surname under either spelling, no the marriage of any Gay to Joana. There is a death rcord of a Joanna Gay 8/14/1691. The Ballducke spelling is from the records of the First Church of Dedham opf 1639 8th day, 6th month. Earlier, on the 25th day of the 5th month, " __ Gay, ye wife of John Gay was received with good satisfaction to ye church." . I have not found a Balden genealogy, but the published genealogy of John Gay


There are no births or marriages recorded for 1636.


The third birth in Dedham records is that of Ruth, daughter of John and Annis Morse b. 3d day 4th month 1637. The IGI shows several records of the marriage of a John Morse to Annis or Agnes Chickering in Suffolk Co. England, along with several corresponding entries that indicate the John Morse of Dedham MA was married to Annis Chickering. John and Annis Morse had several children, John b. 1639, Joseph b. 1640, Ezra b. 1643, Abigail b. 1646, Ephraim b. 1648 and Bethia b. 1651. Annis Morse died 9/1/1691, but there is no death record in Dedham records for John Morse. There is a [typescript?] genealogy, Morse family: Dedham, MA - Belchertown, MA: 1635-1986 compiled by Janice Gay Gollis, 1986 and held by [MAOV]; I've not seen it. The Chickering surname was in Dedham as early as 1638 (see below). In 1639 Daniel and Lydia Morse had a son Obadiah. born in Dedham. They also had a son Daniel, b. 1640, bapt that year "son of our brother of the Church of Watertown", son Jonathan b. 1643, daus Lydia bpt. 1645, Bethia b. 1648, and Mary b. 1650. The IGI shows that Daniel Morse married Lydia Fisher, either in Suffolk Co. England, Dedham Mass or Sherborne, Middlesex Co. Mass. It seems most likely he married in Suffolk Co. England. AF entry says he died 1688 (does not give place) and Lydia died 1690 in Sherborn, but buried in Dedham.

Mary, the daughter of Joseph and Millicent Kingsbury was born the 1st day of the 7th month, 1637. Joseph and Millicent Kingsbury also had the following children recorded in Dedham records: Elizabeth b. 1638, Joseph b. 1640, Eleazor b. 1645, and John b. 1643, Nathaniel b. 1650 . The IGI and AF have conflicting entries on Joseph Kingsbury, but possibly he married Millicent Eames; was from Suffolk Co. England. Published genealogy: Kingsbury, Arthur Murray. Kingsbury genealogy: the genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Kinsbury of Dedham Mass, together with the descendants in several lines of Henry Kingsbury, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and our Canadian cousins. Minneapolis, Burgess-Beckwith Printers, 1962. I've not seen it.


On the 26th day, 7th month the birth of Elizabeth, daughter of Francis and Amy Chickering. IGI entries indicate that this might be Francis Chickering, son of Henry and Mary (Austin) Chickering of Suffolk Co. England, and that he married Ann or Amy Fiske. Also recorded in Dedham records, to Francis and Ann Chickering, daughter Bethshua b. 12/23/1640, Esther, b. 11/4/1643, John b. 4/19/1646, Mary b. 4/10/1648 . Ann, wife of Francis Chickering d. 12/5/1649. Francis Chickering m. 6/11/1650 Sarah Sibble; Francis d. 10/2/1658. There are no recorded births of children of Francis and Sarah Chickering. Published genealogy: Torrey, Frederic C. (Frederic Crosby) One branch of the Chickering family, and the complete ancestry of Mary Chickering Nichols (The ancestry and descendants of Nathaniel Chickering (d.1694), and of his direct descendant in the seventh generation, Mary (Chickering) Nichols. Mary Chickering (b.1867) was married twice: (1) to John Fitz Herbert Vernon Ruxton (1863-1892), and (2) to George Livingston Nichols. Nathaniel Chickering *d.1694) immigrated about 1635 from England to Dedham, Massachusetts with two of his uncles, Henry Chickering (1588/1589-1671) and Francis Chickering (d.1658). The direct ancestry in England is traced back to about 1550, and the surname history to the early 1400s. Descendants and relatives lived in New England and elsewhere. Some descendants immigrated to Nova Scotia and elsewhere in Canada.overs this family, including nephew of Francis. ( LDS 1486610 Item 16) Also, Hammer, Harriette J. (Harriette Joan Fitzpatrick) , The Chickerings and allied families, Dakin, Boutelle, Fairbank and others (LDS Film 858845 Item 6)

Mary, daughter of Richard and Mary Euerard (Everett) was born the 28th day of the 7th month 1638. Richard Everett came from England, probably first to Watertown, and then to Dedham. He may have come on the same ship as John Dwight. At some time during this period he may also have been in Springfield until about 1642, when he made Dedham his permanent home. Two sons, John and Israel were baptised in 1646 and presumably born before Mary, since they are not recorded in the Dedham records. Subsequent to the birthof Mary was the birth of children Samuel b. 1639, then twinsSarah and James, born 14th day of 1st month 1643. On the 4th day of the 2nd month 1646 , less than 3 weeks after being baptised, their son Samuel died. and the baby Sarah died on the April 1 of that year. (1st month or 4th month?). His wife Mary must have died at about the same time, for he married second June 29,1 643 at Springfield, Mary Winch. Children born of that marriage, also recorded in Dedham records, include Sarah b. 1644, Abigail b. 1647, Israel b. 1651, Ruth b. 1653 and Jedidah b. 1656. When he married a second time then, the oldest boy, John would have been about 10, Mary a child of 5 and the surviving twin an infant. The twin James died when he was about 2. In May 1662 John married Elizabeth Pepper, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Johnson) Pepper of Roxbury and several months later, Mary married James Mackarory. Published genealogy: Everett, Edward Franklin. Descendants of Richard Everett of Dedham, Mass. Boston. Privately printed. 1902

On the 14th day of the 8th month, Elizabeth born to Thomas and Mary Alcock. On the 28th day of the 10th month, 1639, Sarah daughter of Thomas and Margarett Alcock, and on the 25th day of the third month, Hannah, dau of Thomas and Margery Alcock; May b. 10/4/1644, Rebecca b. 10/21/1646 . Hanson names it ALCOCK/ALCOTT. See also this FTM User Page. And also this one, which is more informative. SEE: Anderson, Robert. The great migration begins. pp. 18-19. See also A Volume relating to the Early History of Boston, Recorded by William Aspinwall (genealogylibrary.com) using also spelling Alcocke. " Thomas Alcock died 14th -- 7th month. [1657] " A Report of the Record Commissioners of Boston, Massachusetts 1630 - 1699 (on genealogylibrary.com)-- which is in contradiction to some of the reports above, esp. " John BENHAM, Dorchester, came to the US in 1630, from England. Married #2 Margery ALCOCK (or ALCOTT), a widow of Thomas Alcock ( or Alcott) of Dedham who died a few weeks after reaching New Haven in 1661. " This published genealogy might cover this family: The descendants of Thomas Olcott, one of the first settlers of Hartford, Ct. Thomas Olcott immigrated from England to Newtown (now Cambridge), Massachusetts, probably during or before 1635. He moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and died there in 1654 at about age 45, leaving a widow, three sons and two daughters. Descendants listed, chiefly descendants of his sons, lived in Connecticut, New York, Ohio, and elsewhere ( LDS 1321284 Item 2), but I do not believe so. It is online at genealogylibrary.com and it does cover a Thomas Olcott/Alcott of Massachusetts, but I do not believe it is the same a the Thomas Alcock/Alcott of Dedham. There are no further Alcock or Alcott records in the Dedham vital records.

29th day 10th month 1638 Isaac, son of John and Prudence Fray (Frary/ Frayre) their son Eloezer b/ 1639/40, Samuel b. 1641. Also under this surname: Hannah daughter of Theophilus and Hannah b. 1655/66 and Theophilus, son of Theophilus and Hannah b. 1654. There are no marriages under this name. the deaths of Eliezer and Samuel in 1652 under the name Frary, but the IGI shows a marriage of Theophilus Frary to Hannah Eliot 4 Jun 1653 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts .

Frary, Margaret Murphy The Frary family in America, 1637-1980 John Frary, his wife, Prudence and their three sons immigrated from England in 1637 and settled in or near Watertown, Massachusetts. 1033860 Item 8

Frary family journal Journal for the interchange of genealogical data and family history for Frary families in America. John Frary, his wife, Prudence Townsend, and their three sons John Jr., Theophilus and Samson, came in 1636 to America. They settled first in Waterstown, Massachusetts, then moved to Dedham, in 1636. Another son, Eleazur, was born to John and Prudence, in America. John (Sr.) died in 1675, leaving his posterity in Massachusetts. Focus is on descendants of these and other related families.
The Frary Family Association was organized in 1970 to promote the heritage, history, interests and welfare of the Frary family descendants in America and elsewhere.
( LDS Fiche 6055369 )

This IGI Record gives a clue to origins. : THEOPHILUS JOHN FRARY Born: 15 May 1629 Norwich, St.clements Parr, Norfolk, England Parents: Father: JOHN FRARY Mother: PRUDENCE TOWNSEND


Rachell, daughter of John and Alice Roper b. 18th 1st mo. 1639. Their daughter Hannah b. 5th day of the 2nd month 1622, twins Benjamin or Nathaniel and Eprhraim b. 2/23/1644/45. No further Roper births or marriages are recorded in Dedham, nor are the deaths of John or Alice recorded there. The LDS library holds at least three Roper genealogies related to this family. 1) Soper, Mary Waller Shepherd , The Roper family Bible record John Roper (b.ca.1588) and his family immigrated from England to Dedham, Massachusetts in 1637. Descendants lived in New England, New York, Virginia, Iowa, Alabama, Florida and elsewhere. Some descendants became Mormons and moved to Utah and elsewhere. (Fiche no. 6048321 [5 fiche]) 2) Roper, Frank Adams , A Roper genealogy 1588-1988 : before, during, and after Frank Herbert Roper, December 23, 1850- October 27, 1922 The immigrant ancestor of this family was John Roper (ca. 1588-1664). He was from New Buckenham, Norfolk Co., England. He sailed with his family to New England in 1637 and settled in Dedham, Massachusetts. He had two sons, John and Walter. Wife's name is not known. (book copy only; filmed) 3) Roper, Kenneth L. (Kenneth Lawrence) The Ropers, a biographical record from circa 1300 to 1982 John Roper, Sr. (b.ca.1588) and his family immigrated from England to Dedham, Massachusetts in 1637, where he died soon after 1664.. ( LDS FIlm 1598186 Item 11)

Samuell, son of Richard and Mary Euerard, was borne the 31st of the 1st mo.

Samuell, son of John and Joanna Gay born 10th day of the 1st month 1639. Other children in Dedham records include Hezekiah 1640, Nathaniel 1642/43,Joanna 1645, Eliezer b. 1647, twin daughters Abiel and Judith, 1649, John 1651, Jonathan 1653, Hannah 1656. The name is prolific in Dedham records. Genealogies include a typescript by Gay-Taylor, Linda. 13 Generations of the family of John Gay of Dedham, Mass 1612-1996 in the library of the New England H & G Soc.; a later (?) edition with the title ending in 1997 is in the Library of Congress, Gay, Frederick Lewis " John Gay of Dedham, Massachusetts and some of his descendants", published in the New England Historical & Genealogical Register for January 1879. John Gay (d.1688/1689) immigrated in 1630 from England to Watertown, Massachusetts, and later helped establish Dedham, Massachusetts and Jay, Jesse Bishop John Gay of Dedham, Massachusetts, a branch of his descendants in America Microfilm of original typescript (6 p.) at the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania A genealogy of the descendants of John Gay who came to Watertown, Mass. in 1630. He died 4 Mar 1688. He was married to Joan (LDS Film 525277 Item 7)

Joseph, the son of William Barstow & [An] his wife, was born the 6th of the 4th month (i.e. 6/6/) 1639. Hanson places entries for this family under the name Bearstow (Barsto/Basto/Barstow/Beerstow). Daughter Mary was born in 1641 and daughter Patience in 1643. Marriage records for Dedham show the marriage of a William Bearstowe to Ann Hubbard on 7/8/1638, but not the death of either. Ann Bearstow, wife of William, was admitted to the First Parish Church of Dedham in 1641. According to an Ancestral File entry, William Barstow, who married Ann Hubbard, was born 1612 in Halifax, Yorkshire Co. England and died 1 Jan. 1668 in Scituate, Plymouth Co. MA. He was the son of Matthew and Isabell (Hill) Barstow. AF places Ann Hubbard as the Ann Hubbard who was born 3 Sept. 1605 Hingham, Plymouth Co. MA. There are conflicting entries as to her parentage. AF entry notes she married 1670 John Prince and Virkus. Abridged Compendium has this entry: " PRINCE, John (1610-76), from Eng. to Mass. 1633; freeman at Watertown. 1635; removed to Hull; ruling elder; m Alice Honour (d 1668); m
2d, 1670, Ann -----, widow of William Barstow
. " Virkus also has this entry " BARSTOW, William (d 1669), from Eng. in the "Truelove," 1635, and settled at Dedham; free- man at Scituate, 1649; first settler at Hanover, Mass.; m Ann --. "
Ancestral File and Pedigree Source Files also place the birth of their son William in Dedham, MA September, 1652 but the Hanson book does not mention a son William from the Dedham records. The Hill transcription does not include an entry for this birth either. The LDS Library has a book on this family: The William Barstow family : genealogy of the descendants of William Barstow, 1635-1965 by Arthur Hitchcock Radasch William Barstow, born 1612, came to America in 1635 and settled in Dedham, Massachusetts. (Call number 929.273 B28ra )1000 Years of Hubbard History p. 48 has this entry "ANN HUBBARD was born in England (probably before 1620), and came over with her brother Anthony and settled in Dedham, Mass. July 8, 1638, she married William Barstow (son of John of Cambridge) who, with his brother George, came to New England in 1636 on the ship Truelove from London and were of the original founders of the "Plantacion of Dedham. This marriage was the third one celebrated after the founding of the town. She joined the church in June, 1639. The "Barstows" reached some prominence during the early colonial period. This family afterward removed to Scituate, R. I., where William Barstow died January 1, 1669. ANN (HUBBARD) BARSTOW then married John Prince, of Hull. Children (born in Dedham)--JOSEPH (b June 6, 1639), MARY (b Dec 28, 1641), PATIENCE (b Dec 3, 1643): (born in Scituate)--SARAH, Daughter, DEBORAH (b Aug, 1650), WILLIAM (b Sep, 1652), and MARTHA (b 1655). " Again, these later children are not included in the Hanson compilation. (see later for information on Anthony Hubbard).

Mary, the daughter of Edward and Susan Richards ws borne the 8 of the 4th mo. 1639. Their son John was born 1641, daughter Dorcas 1643, son Nathaniel 1648/49, daughter Sarah 1651. Dedham records show the marriage of Edward Richards to Susan Hunting in 1638 and the death of Edward Richards Sr. in 1684. It also shows the death of Susannah in 1684. An Ancestral File record says he was b. 1610 Newton, Middlesex Co. Mass, the son of Edward and Barbara (Warden) Richards and that she too was born in Newton, before 1611, the daughter of William and Margaret Hunting. Another AF entry places his birth in England, ca. 1603 and she the daughter of John and Margaret Hunting. Virkus (p.1031) identifies her as the sister of Elder John Hunting and gives this information on Edward: "RICHARDS, Edward (ca. 1610-84), from Eng. in the "Lion" with Roger Williams, 1631; at Dedham, Mass., 1632; freeman, 1641; m 1638, Susanna Hunting ". Savage, Dictionary of First Settlers of New England, p. 321 gives this information: "EDWARD, Dedham, m. 10 Sept. 1638, Susanna Hunting, perhaps sis. of the first John, had Mary, b. 29 Sept. 1639; John, 1 or 10 July 1641; Dorcas, 24 Sept. 1643; Nathaniel, 25 Jan. 1649, not bapt. as Geneal. Reg. XIV. 111, says, next day, wh. was Friday; and Sarah, 1651; was freem. 2 June 1641. From his will, 1684, shortly bef. his d. we learn, that John and Nathaniel were then liv. that Mary m. Nathaniel Bullard, and ano. d. m. a Hearsey; that a gr.d. was Mary Gay, prob. w. of Jonathan, and d. of Bullard; and that if Nathaniel would bring up one of his s. at the coll. he should have L60. " This family appears to be coverd in Genealogy: the James Francis Richards Branch of the A Richards family from New England; that of Edward Richards, Dedham, Massachusetts, compiled by A.W. Richards ... and Benjamin Richards, Sarasota, FL, Star Print, 1942. copy in New York Public Library.

Abigall, the dauther of Ferdinando & [Ann} Adams ws borne the 15th of the 7th month 1639. Their daughter Bethia b in Dedham 1640 and son Nathaniel 1642. First Parish Church Records (as abstrcted by Hanson, p. 591 ) show that he left to return to England in 1641 and sent for his wife to follow him in 1642.

Daniell, the son of Henry & Elizabeth Smith was borne the 13 of the 8th mo. 1639. Their sons Samuel b. 1641, Joseph b. 1643. The marriage of Daniel and Elizabeth is not in Dedham records. A Daniel Smith died 1641; perhaps the Daniel b. in 1639 and an Elizabeth Smith died in 1658, perhaps the wife and mother. From The Genealogical History of Dover Massachusetts ( p.226)we learn: "...Henry Smith who came from England in 1637 with his wife Elizabeth and two sons. He first settled in Dedham, but moved to Medfield in 1651-52, where he was a trusted citizen." If it was their son Daniel who died in Dedham in 1641 then the following account taken from New England Families Genealogical and Memorial v. 4 (p. 1936) is problematic, for it indicates there were two Henry Smiths, with wife Elizabeth, settlieng in Medfield. " The Smith Line). (I) Henry Smith, the founder of this family, was born in England, in 1619, possibly a son of Thomas Smith, of London, St. Adermanbury Parish. He came to America about 1635, and after a short stay in Massachusetts removed to Wethersfield, Connecticut, from whence he removed to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1641, and was granted a home lot in that year. He was admitted to the church, September 22, 1639, and became a freeman, May 13. 1640. He was selectman of Medfield for thirteen years. He served in the Pequot war. He died in Stamford, 1686. His will was dated August 2, 1683, and proved March 3, 1686, bequeathing to son John and his children John and Lydia; to son Seth and his four children; to son Samuel. He married (first) in England, Elizabeth (???), who died in Medfield in 1670. Married (second) Ann (???), who died in June, 1685. Children: 1. John, was in Dedham in 1660, later removed to Medfield where he had a house on Canal street; in 1667 he is mentioned as being in Taunton, and later in Marlboro; he married Lydia (???). 2. Seth, died in Medfield in 1682; married, in 1660, Mary Thurston. 3. Joseph, born 1643, died 1661. 4. Samuel, born about 1646, died August 16, 1658. 5. Daniel, referred to below.
(II) Daniel, son of Henry and Elizabeth Smith, was born in 1648. He removed to Greenwich, Connecticut, and died there, March 3, 1740. He married Hannah, daughter of Joshua and Hannah (Close) Knapp, born March 26, 1660, died March 29, 1721. They had twelve children, among whom were Joshua, Daniel, and Joseph, referred to below. "

There is a published genealogy on this family: The Smith genealogy, being an account of some of the descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Smith of Dedham and Medfield Massachusetts, 1637, and an account of some related famioies, 1600-1800 by Marjorie Little Napoli, published in 1974. Several libraraies in the United States have this genealogy, including the NEGHS, the Allen County Library at Fort Wayne and the Detroit Public Library. (LDS Film no. 928198 Item 3)

John, the son of James and Ann Allen (Allin/Alling) was borne the 4th day of the 10 mo. 1639. They had twin daughters Martha and Mary born in Dedham 1641, dau Sarah b. 1644, sons James b. 1646, Nathaniel b. 1648. This must have been the family of the James Allen who's 1638 marriage to Ann Guild is recorded in Dedham records.

From : Allen Family Records by J. M. Seaver (copy of this book is on genealogylibrary.com) we find this summary of the family, although the notation that James came to America with his wife Anna is in 1639 is in contradiction to the Dedham records.
H130 JAMES ALLEN: the progenitor of the Allen Family, of Medfield, came to
America with his wife Anna, in 1639, and settled in Dedham, Mass. They
(1) John: b. in Dedham Dec. 4, 1639.
(2) James: b. in Medfield; m. Lydia Adams.
(3) Nathaniel: m. Mary Frizwell, 1673; nine ch., viz.: Samuel, Nathaniel,
James, John, Ebenezer, Edward and three daus.
(4) William: who had Mary and William.
(5) Benjamin: who had Benjamin, Mary and Lydia.
(6) Martha: m. William Sabine, of Seekonk, R. I., Dec. 22, 1663.
(7) Mary: m. Joseph Clark, of Medfield.
(8) Sarah: m. Domingo White in 1666.
(9) Joseph: b. June 24, 1652; m. Hannah Sabine, of Seekonk. Ch.:

The John born to James and Anna could not have been the Rev. John Allen who married widow Katherine (Hackburne) Dudley 11/8/1653 in Dedham, Mass. Their children recorded in Dedham records Daniel b. 1656, Eeazer b. 1658. Dedham death records report the death of Rev. John Allin 8/26/1671 and Katherine Allin 8/29/1671. Perhaps Rev. John Allin's first wife was the Margaret Allin, whose death is recorded in Dedham 5/1/1653. All these deaths are recorded under the spelling Allin.

One or both of these families is probably covered in Frank Allen Hutchinson's Genealogical and historical sketches of the Allen family of Dedham and Medfield Mass., 1637-1890, 80 p., published 1896, but I've not seen it. The Family History Library has a copy (Film no. 1303262 Item 9) and it gives this description, placing James as the nephew of John. James Allin (d.1676) immigrated from England to Dedham, Massachusetts with his uncle, John Allin, about 1637, and moved to Medfield, Massa- chusetts in 1649. Descendants (chiefly using the surname of Allen) lived in New England, New York, Ohio, Missouri, California and elsewhere.

From Allen Newletter (copy at GenealogyLibrary.), citing Bank's Topographical Dictionary.
Edward Allen Wrentham DedhamMass - Suffolk County
Edward Allen Wrentham Boston, Mass - Suffolk County
Rev John Allen Wrentham Dedham, Mass - Suffolk County
Rev John Allen Colby Dedham, Mass - Norfolk County


Benjamin, son of Ralph and Rebecca Wheelock ws bron 12-8-1639 and bapt. 1-12-1639/40.  Other children in this family were Samuel b. 1642, Record b. 1644 and Experience b. 1648.   Ralph Wheelock was a founder of the First Church of Dedham in November, 1638 and his wife Rebecca was received with very good satisfaction an admitted 8-3-1639. The marriage of Ralph and Rebecca is not recorded in Dedham records, nor the marriages of any of their children and there are no Wheelcock death in the early records of Dedham.  The family of Ralph Wheelock seems to have left Dedham in or shortly after 1651, when his name last appears in Dedham records as an active participant in town affairs. Colonial Families of the United States vol. 1 has this entry

RALPH WHEELOCK, b. in England, Circa 1600; d. at Medfield, Mass., 11th January, 1683; A.B. of Clare Hall, Cambridge, England, 1626, and A.M., 1631; emigrated to America with wife Rebecca, and dau. Rebecca, and settled at Watertown, Mass., 1637; Dedham, 1638; Representative to General Court of Massachusetts, from Dedham 1639-40 and from Medfield 1653, '63, '64 and '66; m. in England Rebecca, who d. at Medfield before 1654; m. (secondly) Hannah, who d. 1st January, 1682.  

Mann. Annals of Dedham p. 97-99 states that Ralph Wheelock was one of the petitioners in 1649 requesting a new settlement at what was to become Medfield; that he removed there and in 1651 Dedham transferred all government records to that town.  I haven't found a Wheelock genealogy, but there is a brief account of his life in New England Families: Genealogical and Memorial, Vol. 1 pp. 322-323 and the family is covered in the July 1998 NEHGS Register and the March 1986 NGS Quarterly. See also Wheelock Family Genealogy. (I've not looked at any of these)


1649 John, son of Anthony Hubbard1000 Years of Hubbard History p. 47 has this entry " ANTHONY HUBBARD was born in England (probably after 1620), and with his sister Ann came over and settled in Dedham, Mass., prior to 1638. April 14, 1648, he married Sarah, daughter of Michael Bacon, (reputed to have come from Ireland) one of Dedham's original founders, which began its official existence September 10, 1636. His wife died in 1652, and January 5, 1652-3, he married Jane Ely, possibly a relative of Nathaniel and Martha Ely of (1) Cambridge, Mass., (2) Hartford, Ct. He acquired no prominence and but little property. His estate amounted February 20, 1656-7 to but œ9 and 10s. Children, born in Dedham, (by Sarah)--JOHN (b Apl 14, 1649), and ABRAHAM (b Mch 11, 1650, d Mch 18, 1650). " (see also the entry for Barstow )